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Aerial Photography

Emerson Aniceto Productions

Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Photography Indianapolis

Real estate aerial photography and video has become an essential tool for real estate professionals looking to market their properties effectively. As technology advances, aerial photography and videography have become increasingly accessible to real estate agents, thanks to drones and other innovative tools.


Aerial photography and video offer a unique bird's eye view of properties that is impossible to achieve through traditional photography methods. This view allows real estate agents to showcase the entire property, including its surroundings and features that cannot be captured from the ground.


The primary benefit of using aerial photography and video in real estate marketing is that it captures the attention of potential buyers. Aerial photographs and videos provide a sense of scale, allowing potential buyers to see how the property fits into its surroundings. This enables buyers to make more informed decisions.

Aerial Photography

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Home Preparation

Spending some time preparing your home for a real estate shoot will ensure your home is shown in the best possible light. Taking these steps now will also ensure that your home is ready for showings.  

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