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For those interested in the analysis and trends of real estate, portrait, boudoir, fitness, family and pet photography and videography. This blog focuses on the power that visuals, photography and videography, have on a global audience.


Real Estate Photography and Video Trends 2023.

Natural-Looking Real Estate Photography:

An essential trend for real estate photography in 2023 is a move towards more natural-looking real estate photography. This could mean using less artificial lighting, no filters or overly saturated images, and editing photos to look more like they were taken in the daytime (even if they were taken at night).

The goal is to keep the image relatively true to life. In post-processing, only minimal adjustments should therefore be made to the color temperature and white balance to make the property image look more realistic and lifelike than perfectly edited.

As a result, real estate photography in 2023 will accurately represent to viewers what they will encounter while visiting the property. The mission is to keep it authentic while still making it attractive, which will make potential homebuyers enticed to see more.

Another possible trend for real estate photography in 2023 is an increase in the use of vertical photos. This could be due to the increasing use of mobile phones and the growing popularity of platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, which favor vertical images.

Vertical photos are simply photos in portrait orientation with an aspect ratio tailored to fit the mobile phone screen. They can often provide a more comprehensive view of a property than horizontal photos can.

Drone/Aerial Photography and Video:

With the increasing access and use of drones, aerial photography and video will continue to be a growing trend this year.

Not only can aerial photography offer stunning views of properties, but it can also provide a bird’s eye view of the neighborhood and its schools, churches, recreational parks, and so on, which gives the potential buyer a good overview